We are

We are

We are people who are very aware of the gift that every day IS. Of everything there is, also aware of the clouds that are sometimes part of our landscape. But with GRATITUDE as an attitude of Life, we live to celebrate every little bit of Life. Without waiting for big events, and celebrating them as well. In this here and this now in which we can celebrate.

We have experienced the farewell of loved ones first hand.

Accompanying them to the end. At the gates of death, they have given us a masterclass in Life.

There are increasingly more people who seek us out to find the way, the space, the time, the place … to be able to say goodbye.

We are not afraid to say the word death. Death is part of this life that we are. We want to honour that moment. And celebrate it too.

That is why we want to Celebrate Life and Life Lived, with you. We want to be by your side when you do so.

Behind ailoflaif is...

Miryam Artola Dendaluce

My personal and professional activity has been influenced by my work with people and organizations, their relations, what motivates them (us) and their support in the personal and professional field.

My training, which started with a bachelor’s degree in Economic and Business Sciences by the University of Deusto in 1997 and which I am still expanding as I never stop with my training, together with my personal concerns, led me to Mexico among other places.

In 2011, I set up Muxote Potolo Bat, a company dedicated to Design, Communication (products and services), and Visual facilitation (Visual Thinking+ Team coaching+ Organisational Development).

The importance of symbols

flor de Zempazuchitl

The Zempazuchitl flower

I lived in Mexico for some years. And I was impressed by the way death coexists with Life. On the day of the dead (#2November) this relationship with death and its symbolism takes on indescribable significance. This is why we chose the zempazuchitl flower as part of what we want to offer you. Full of colour, of symbolism, of meaning.



In the basis of our “wecelebrateLife”. Our proposal to welcome in every new day. It is where we celebrate



Our mantra. Here and now. That unique time. Where we are and exist. To live with presence. With awareness. With all that is good, with all that is not so good.



What illuminates every nook for us. And reveals the darkest corners of our soul. The light of every morning. That of a glance. The light brought by true Friendship. Unqualified Love.



Because without this, there is no light. Because on grey days, colours shine more intensely.



Love at its purest. Friendship warrants a special place, celebrated, honoured in our Lives. That Friendship that talks of trust, vulnerability, of deep commitment. We vindicate Friendship and the numerous ways of celebrating it.



Having birthdays is a pleasure. It is a reflection that Life remains in us. And being able to celebrate it as we like, with those around us. We celebrate every year, every stage, every step…



Because we are colours – different, complementary… and each of us with different needs, different ways of doing things, each person their own time, their story, their party


The gift

The art of giving gifts. Of offering your heart. Of knowing how to give and how to receive. The gift of the person at our side. The gift of love and feeling loved. The gift of being here, on this today, in this now. The gift of being able to celebrate. The gift of Life.